Dinesh Kumar Signed to Play for Navi Mumbai Sabers

Navi Mumbai, India (June 1, 2015) — The second EFLI season is getting closer to kickoff, and the Navi Mumbai Sabers couldn’t be more excited about their roster. The Sabers’ offense boasts a stable of explosive running backs, tall and athletic receivers, big and strong offensive linemen, and most importantly a promising young quarterback named Dinesh Kumar. In American Football, quarterback is the most important position on the field. The quarterback is expected to motivate his teammates, communicate the plays to his teammates, and put his team in a position to score more points than the opponent. Overall, the quarterback is the team leader.

The Sabers have high expectations for their leader at quarterback, both on and off the field. He is a young man with superstar talent, and he’s ready to take the league by storm. Dinesh is 5’11”, 90KG, with amazing speed, a strong arm, and an intense passion for the game. William Thompson, the Sabers’ Director of Football Operations, says, “Dinesh is a superior talent. It will take him some time to learn how to be a professional athlete, but we believe he is going to be a special player. He reminds us of NFL players like, Super Bowl Champion, Russell Wilson and San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.” Both of those players have been amazing leaders of their teams and used their athletic abilities to make everyone around them better. The Sabers’ leadership team believes that Dinesh will set the standard for ‘how to play quarterback’ in the EFLI.

With such a dynamic set of skills, Dinesh is also likely to become popular among fans of the EFLI. The league has partnered with INTELATEXT to launch a fantasy football league this season. The fantasy football league will give fans an opportunity to win cash, gifts, and most importantly, bragging rights. Just as with American Fantasy Football leagues, the quarterbacks will give fans the best chance to accumulate points for their fantasy teams. With Dinesh having the ability to throw long touchdown passes, the speed to outrun defenders, and the intelligence to out think defenses, you can expect Dinesh be one of the most exciting fantasy football players in the EFLI.

However, Dinesh isn’t a professional athlete who has forgotten his roots. He is grounded by a strong relationship with his family. He has always dreamed of playing professional football, taking care of his family, and giving back to his community. This season will give him an opportunity to do all of those things. Dinesh and the Sabers are ready to kick off the 2015 EFLI season. With a talented roster, an excellent coaching staff, and an electric quarterback, it should be a good one!

About Navi Mumbai Sabers
The Navi Mumbai Sabers will play its inaugural season for EFLI in 2015. The Sabers will be led by Head Coach, Preetesh Balyaya, former EFLI Sandy Grossman Award winner. Elite Football League of India (EFLI) is a professional American football league based in India, whose aim is to introduce American football to the Indian market. The Sabers management team consists of executives that boast NCAA National Championships and over 30 years of American Football experience. The Sabers will play in the Division 2 – Mid Conference, which will kick off November 13, 2015.